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Common HR Functions You Can Outsource

Common HR Functions You Can Outsource

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An integral part of every organisation is HR (human resources). Almost every company has a separate department that looks after various tasks like recruiting employees, screening them, training them and supporting them. They also have to undertake employee management tasks like managing their benefits and employee complaints.

HR management is quite complicated and comprehensive so you can consider outsourcing HR services. Approaching an outsourced HR consultancy almost becomes mandatory if you don’t have an efficient in-house HR department. Look for a company providing technology-led, outsourced HR services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Looking for outsourced HR services? Here’s a few common HR functions you can outsource

Employee relations and compliance

It is the responsibility of HR to ensure that a business complies with all the relevant labour laws. If any of the employees have experienced or witnessed an issue in the workplace like discrimination, HR should address the concerns or reports. In other words, they have to create and maintain a positive relationship with all employees.

Workers’ compensation

The compensation claims of all the employees working in a company are also handled by HR. They ensure that sick or injured employees get the medical care they need and are fairly treated by their company. It is not only about claims; the HR department also has to look after the audits and renewals. Ensuring that policies are updated and you are charged correctly is necessary.

Employee benefits

The HR department takes care of all employee benefits, including SIPP plans and private healthcare/insurance, where it is offered. It is one of the most challenging tasks undertaken by the HR department as it involves a lot of paperwork. Ensure that the company you have approached for outsourced HR services in the UK has the expertise required to open enrolment and terminate benefits promptly, as required.

Employee screening

Every company has to recruit new employees at varying intervals and an HR professional can ease the task. Not only will they help you in staffing and recruitment but also employee screening and background checks. The screening process includes pre-employment screening, like background checks and physical checks. Pre-employment skills testing will ensure that the employees have the skills necessary to do the job, if it’s a requirement.

If you want to outsource some or all the HR functions stated above, get in touch with the experienced human resource professionals at HR Circle.

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