About us

A flexible and pragmatic approach

At HR Circle, we are experts in HR for small businesses with an approach which is friendly, pragmatic and commercial. We know that your employees are the foundation of your business success. We understand the importance of getting things right, which is why our qualified team are here to handle all aspects of people operations, sharing practical advice and saving you valuable time. As well as making sure the day-to-day HR runs smoothly, HR Circle are here if you need something slightly different, from salary benchmarking, restructuring, TUPE to international support, our HR team are on hand to help!

Our mission

 Our mission is to deliver HR solutions that promote a positive and productive workplace in small businesses all over the UK.

Exactly how we do that for your business depends on what you need. No two businesses are the same and a creative and agile approach is at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of professional HR support packages to suit your needs, according to your ambitions, in-house resource and budget.

Our vision

Our vision is to help small businesses become great places to work. HR Circle is a small independent business, so we understand the need to focus on the essentials, build a ‘yes-we-can’ culture, and maximise our resources. As individuals, we do not want to work in the boring corporate world, but we do want to use what we have learnt from the big companies which include high expectations, clever technology and slick processes – and overlay an entrepreneurial flair to our services. 

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